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Throwback To When A Baby Was Born With 4 Legs & 3 Hands After 2 Triplets Were Conjoined In The Womb

We have heard of cases of people born with 6 fingers and this polydactyl limb structure can be caused due to some genetic alterations. But for this particular case, this baby was born with four legs and three hands which is often rare in nature.

This happened in India on September 2019 when a baby was born with 4 legs and 3 hands after two triplets were conjoined in the womb. The girl was born with an extra set of legs and hands that covered her chest and abdomen.

The doctor who performed the delivery revealed that the child was originally part of a set of triplets and two of the triplets became conjoined in the womb. She delivered another male child who was healthy with two hands and two legs, but the girl had three hands and four legs.

The mother of the child, Mum Raju who was 24 gave birth in a government owned hospital in Tonk, Rajasthan. Doctors revealed that the child's extra limbs would be able to be removed through surgery.

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