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Checkout the healthy benefits of the Nigerian local rice

In Nigeria, The local rice is popularly called Ofada rice or abakaliki rice. It comes with a lot of benefits and unadulterated nutrient that is very healthy to the body.

The local rice has enough nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, high fiber, phosphorus, manganese and iron. So I'll be mentioning some benefits of consuming the local rice in this articule.

 Rich in Carbohydrate

The local rice is very rich in carbohydrates, so it's a rich source of adequate energy for the body. It also aids in Weight gain as well. The calorie content differs, as brown rice contains fewer calories than white rice


It contains protein that's considered to be gluten-free which makes it a good source of food for those who have coeliac disease as well as those suffering from dermatitis herpetiformis as they are considered gluten intolerance.

 Helps in Digestion

The local rice is a rich source of fiber which aids digestion. It also prevents digestive disorder and reduces the body cholesterol. It has insoluble fiber which acts as roughages improving digestive system health conditions such as diarrhea, constipation, etc.

 Protect the heart

It contains magnesium and selenium that helps in protecting the heart from diseases such as cardiovascular disease. It has a low amount of fat which is very good for the heart.

 Good for the bones and heart

The local rice contains magnesium which helps in bone structuring in the body. It helps in the reduction of blood pressure so as to avoid high blood pressure. The presence of magnesium in local rice also helps in the maintenance and improvement of the nervous system.

Fights Cancer

The local rice contains phytonutrient like lignin which is commonly found in plants and is converted to enterolactone, so eating unpolished rice helps to increase enterolactone level in the body that helps fight against cancer of the breast and other diseases related to the heart.

Also, the mineral selenium which is found in local rice has been discovered to reduce the chances of getting colon cancer. 

Source : www.finelib. Com

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