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Pregnancy period

If You Notice This Signs In Your Body, Go For A Pregnancy Test

Here are the signs that indicate that you should take a pregnancy test

1. If you have missed your period:

It is the most reliable sign of pregnancy. Most of the women have 28 days’ menstrual cycle, so consider taking a test if it has been a month since you had your last period. But, sometimes your period might get delayed due to stress, diet, exercise, or other reasons also;

2. If you are having cramps:

Implantation of an egg in your uterus also causes cramps in your stomach similar to what you get during periods, you might feel that your periods are about to come but, they don’t.

3. If you experience sore breasts:

Due to excess production of estrogen and progesterone in your body due to pregnancy, your breasts might become sore, tender, and fuller when you get pregnant;

4. If you are feeling different:

Nausea, food aversions, exhaustion, and frequent urination is also other sign of pregnancy that you can experience;

5. In case your contraception failed: Contraceptives like birth control pills, etc. do not give 100% protection and can fail. So, in case you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms despite having used contraception, then you should take a home pregnancy test.

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