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See 7 things that cause cancer, in your home.

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1. The rugs and carpets you use at home.

Formaldehyde and acetone are on of the chemicals used in making carpets and these chemicals cause cancer to the body, making them carcinogenic, what may surprise you is that the new carpet smell that you perceive when you buy a new carpet causes eye, nose, and respirator complications. To prevent these use all natural wool rugs, mohair, or sisal rugs tin your homes.

2. White Party Cups made of Styrofoam in your homes.

These types of cups are dangerous because they contain styrene which is a chemical in making white Party foam cups, styrene being the main ingredient in making these cups made these cups a suspected carcinogen in 2014, the best way to avoid these product is just stay away from Styrofoam products and use red plastic cups when at a party or hosting one.

3. The shower curtain you use at home. 

Do not buy these shower curtain or these shower curtain rods in bulk, because it contains Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and Volatile Organic Compounds (POC). These types of curtains and curtain rods are no longer sold, as of the year 2008, American scientists requested that all shower curtains, and shower curtain rods, that curtained PVC be removed or banned from stores because it most likely leaked chemicals that were toxic and cancerous to the human body. The preferred shower curtain to use is cotton, linen, birch, and hemp material.


4. Fluorescent lighting bulbs you use at home. 

Fluorescent lighting bulbs, contain mercury that is harmful when the human body is exposed to it, and mercury in the human body in large quantity causes skin cancer. This usually happens when the bulbs protective layer is cracked, and dangerous release of UVA and UVB radiation escapes. The only way to avoid this kind of danger is to use LED bulbs or Halogen Bulbs.

5. Some text Books that you read at home.

One of the major chemicals used to sterilize and fumigate old books is Ethylene oxide it is also used in food manufacturing and medical equipment supplies. This is a huge risk to people who use these books containing these chemicals. To avoid these chemicals causing cancer to you, one should stay away from books that have this chemicals sprayed on them.

6. The Granite countertops in your kitchen.

The gas called Radon is one of the gasses responsible for lung cancer], and this gas can be emitted from the granite counter top used in kitchens for modern houses. This one of the reasons why researchers have been questioning if it should be used in homes, though only a handful of them have tested to contain high levels of radon, so to avoid this, use quartz counter tops instead.

7. The insulation you use for roofing of your home.

Based on toxicology research done which shows that glass wool fiber, can cause cancer to humans however it is those who install this glass-wool fibers for homes that stand the risk of getting cancer from it, to avoid this, Soy-based Spray foam should be used. 

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