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Carbonated Drinks

Major Foods To Avoid If You Have Excessive Urination At Night

Urination is one of the most common ways for the human body to eliminate waste and undesirable items. The excretory organs of the human body are where these waste products exit the body. If these waste products are not eliminated in a timely manner, the body may suffer significant damage and illness. The kidney is one of the body's primary excretory organs. It aids in the production of urine by removing wastes and extra water from the bloodstream.

Following the Kidney's production of urine, it is critical and necessary to eliminate these waste products from the body at the proper time. If the waste material generated by the Kidney is not eliminated in a timely manner, it can cause significant damage and problems to the Kidney. According to studies, one should urinate approximately 6-7 times each day. In addition, a healthy person should not urinate more than twice at night. Any deviation from this might be due to Nocturia, a medical disease or sickness.

Some of the medical disorders that might induce frequent urination are listed below:

1) Bladder overactivity

2) Diabetic complications

3) Infection of the kidney

4) Emphysema

Foods and beverages that might induce frequent urination are listed below:

1) Carbonated Drinks: One of the most common reasons of frequent urination is carbonated drinks. Carbonated beverages might irritate bladders that are sensitive. If you have an overactive bladder, you should restrict your carbonated beverage intake.

2. Excess Sugar-Containing Foods:

3. Spicy Dishes

4. Consumption of alcohol

5. Foods that are acidic ( tomato)

It is critical to remember that the foods and beverages listed above are not hazardous to the body if consumed in moderation. The key to success is moderation. I'd love to hear what you think in the comments area.

Source: Healthline


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