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If You Want To Live Long, Stop Damaging These 14 Body Parts

The heart of every man is something that should not be joked or played with. You can play with food but any time you catch yourself playing with your health, you are indirectly dialing the digits of death. You can build that house, buy that expensive fair, marry that man or woman, get those degrees and good job only if God give you life and you maintain it by living a healthy life.

A medical doctor has mentioned 14 parts of the body which are specifically visceral or internal organs that people damage on a daily basis without knowing or better still ignore.

The 14 body parts you often damage but ignore are

1. Stomach

2. Heart

3. Kidney

4. Gall bladder

5. Small intestines

6. Large intestines

7. Lungs

8. Liver

9. Pancreas

10. Eyes

11. Brain

12. Skin

13. Vagina

14. Testis

1. You damage your STOMACH when you abuse aspirin and over-the-counter pain and fever medicines.

Remedy: Avoid using over-the-counter drugs. Visit your doctor anytime you notice an anomaly in your system for a period of 7 days. The pharmacists is not a doctor. Go for medical check up. It will do you more good.

2. You damage your HEART when you eat too much salt and bad cholesterol.

Remedy: Avoid eating foods that are prepared with much salt. You can as well stop adding fresh salts to cooked food. Its dangerous.

3. You damage your KIDNEYS when you don't drink up to 10 glasses of water or 3L in a day.

Remedy: Take more water. It will help ease the ultra filtration processes in the kidney. It will also help to maintain the water balance in the body.

4. You damage your GALLBLADDER when you don't sleep until 11 o'clock and don't wake up to the sunrise.

Sleep periodically when you have enough time. Most of your internal organs function well when you are sleeping.

5. You damage your SMALL INTESTINE when you eat cold and stale food.

Stop eating cold food. Eat warm ones.

6. You damage your LARGE INTESTINE when you eat mainly fried and spicy food.

Do not over eat fried food. Once in a whole go break on eating spicy foods.

7. You damage your LUNGS when you inhale smoke, cigars, shisha, weed, polluted fumes and bidi.

8. You damage your LIVER when you eat stale nuts like groundnut, fried food, junk foods and drink heavy alcohol.

9. You damage your PANCREAS when you eat plenty of sweets and candies.

10. You damage your EYES when you sit in front of your computer or mobile phone screen with glares for hours every day, especially in the dark.

11. You damage your BRAIN (psychologically) when you dwell on negative thoughts predominantly.

12. You damage your SKIN when you bleach or fail to keep it clean and moisturized.

13. You damage your VAGINA when you douche or insert unsterile materials into it for pleasure.

14. You damage your TESTIS when you expose it to heat, causing low sperm production and infertility.

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