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Why Pregnant Women Should Stop Consuming, Much Garden Eggs.

Why Pregnant Women Should Stop Consuming Much Garden Eggs.

Garden egg is a good protection from cardiovascular disease such as Stroke and Heart disease. Garden egg is also good in the body which help in providing vitamin which help cellular respiration.

Pregnant women are not advisable to consume much Garden Eggs because it is Diuretic in nature which can stimulate menstruation in their body. So it is advisable that pregnant women should not take more than two Garden Eggs in a day.

It is also research that the leave of Garden Eggs contains an anti-inflammatory property causing inflammation in the body. It is also confirmed that Garden Eggs to the liver prevent overemphasized because the Garden Eggs help to protect the liver from certain toxins. Garden Egg to the kidney is more effective when eaten raw or convert into juice by boiling, this help in cleaning the kidney from unwanted material entering the organ.

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