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3 Mistakes That Can Leave You Poor For Life

The road to success is a very slippery one give the current state of the country and world, people now have to struggle a lot to get what they want, as nobody is ready to help.

The youths of today have no jobs to hold on to, it's the survival of a fittest, but amidst this saga, you still find that young people still make serious mistakes that could be detrimental to their future.

I'll be listing some of the problems and mistakes young people make that are most times ruin or stunt their progress in life.

1. Getting a Young Girl Pregnant: Imagine how hard it is for you right now, then multiple it by 3 because now you have to provide for The girl, the child and yourself.

This issue has lingered for years in the past and present it's just so disheartening that young men still fall victim of this, it is so hard to grow with so much responsibility on your shoulders.

There are many decisions a bachelor can make in life that a man with children can not even think of because of the extra luggage.

Many would say what of those who are doing well with baby mama's, my brother all fingers are not equal, they may have sponsors which you don't so respect yourself.

2. Getting Addicted To Drugs: The irony with this is that most drug addicts do not agree or accept that they are addicts so they don't realise until their lives have been ruined in the process.

You start acting deviant and at the end you lose your family and identity to drugs, smoking, drinking is also part of this so don't think it's only about hard drugs be warned.

3. Bad Association: The kind of people you hang around with will always define who you are, the kind of information you receive would always define how you act, that's just the truth of life.

I'll stop here for today.

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