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She died 6 years ago Preventing the Spread of Ebola Virus in Nigeria; Nigeria Remembers Dr Adadevoh

We can't forget it in a hurry, the sacrifice you made for the good of our country, Dr Stella Adadevoh. You died a national death and we all owe our life to you because we don't know the many faceless Nigerians you save with you selfless act.

Late Dr Stella was born in Lagos Nigeria in October 1956 to a scientist father, Mr Babatunde Adadevoh,who is a grand child to Sir Herbert Macaulay. She got her BSc certificate in Surgery at University of Lagos College of Medicine. After completing all her other medical training in foreign medical schools, she came back to Nigeria and started work at First Cardiology Consultant Medical Centre Lagos. She was there for good 21years until her death.

Dr Stella was a down to earth doctor who loves her work and her patients as well. She was so dedicated to her work that she was the first doctor in Nigeria to alert Ministry of Health about Swine flu, in 2012.

She came in contact with Ebola Virus when she notice the symptoms on the body of Liberian citizen, Mr Patrick Sawyer who fled from his country to Nigeria in search of miraculous healing after he lost his sister to the deadly virus.

At the discovery of the virus, Dr Stella defiled all the threats from Liberian Government who demanded the release of Mr Patrick Sawyer from quarantine center to attend a Summit. The late Dr Stella refused to let him go for the fear that he will spread the deadly virus to ordinary Nigeria men. She said she will not release for greater public good.

She stayed with him to risk of her own life. On 4th of August that same year, she was diagnosed of the virus and she eventually died on 19th of August leaving behind a lovely husband and son.

Dr, we are really grateful to God Almighty for having your person in Nigeria. We will never forget you. Your presence is felt everywhere in Nigeria for what you did for us. No award can replace you to your family but we pray that God will continue to grant you eternal rest.

We love you.

Rest on Dr Stella

Continue to Rest in God's bosom Dr Adadevoh until we meet to part no more.

Please family wish her well.

One Love

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