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Here are 3 Reasons why You Should Reduce Intake of Commercially Made Bean Cake (Akara) at Old Age

Local bean cake otherwise known as Akara is one of the commonly eaten type of food Nigeria. It is mostly eaten with pap or eaten with bread. There is no doubt that Bean Cake is good for the body as it is high in protein just like beans.

Despite it's nutritional benefits to the body, it is not a recommended food for aging individuals. This is mostly because of the way locally made bean cakes are made.

In this article, I am going to be talking about 3 reasons why you should reduce intake of locally made beans cake at old age.

1. They are mostly prepared with unhealthy oil

With the absence of certain types of healthy oils and the price of these oil in Nigeria people indulge into using Unhealthy oils for the food they eat. Most commercially made bean cakes are high in unhealthy oil making them a risk factor to heart diseases in older people.

Old people are more prone to diseases caused as a result of high level of cholesterol, this includes heart diseases, high blood pressure and even obesity.

When older individuals consume these type of food in big quantities it raises the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

2. Some of it are high in salt

This depends largely on the person that prepared the bean cake. All commercial bean cake producers have their own different style of producing their products.

Some sellers are known to add large amount of table salt in it. These table salt can increase one's chances of suffering from chronic health conditions like High Blood Pressure, a risk factor to other heart related issues.

3. Fried Foods increases a Person's Chances of Cancer

Most fried foods have been linked to higher risk of cancer, be it fried chicken, fish or even fried bean cakes. When foods are passed through very high temperature, they formed carcinogenic compounds, a risk factor to different types of cancer.

So for older individuals, it is best you make your own homemade bean cake or reduce your consumption of commercial bean cakes whenever you want to eat it.

Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )

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