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Remedies For Ulcer - Natural Remedies You Can Get From Your Kitchen

Remedies For Ulcer - Natural Remedies You Can Get From Your Kitchen 

Home Remedies For Peptic Ulcer 

There are many home remedies that can help you with the relief of pain due to ulcer. While you can go for natural remedies, you can prefer to use the home remedies of ulcer if you found yourself at home. If the pain started at home, knowing some home remedies will greatly help you. Some of these home remedies are given below:

1. Banana is one of the most effective natural remedies for ulcer. This fruit has a very strong neutralising effect over the acidity of the gastric juices. Banana has a soothing effect on the pain caused by the ulcer; it coats the lining of the stomach.

2. Lime is a better fruit that can be used as a home remedy for the treatment of ulcer. 

3. The use of cabbage is another useful natural remedy or treatment for peptic ulcer. Boil some cabbage in double water quantity and later reduce it to half. Cook the it. Combine this juice with carrot juice and take this combination of juices two times a day.

4. Another effective home remedy you can find in your kitchen for ulcer is the use of fenugreek. Make the tea of fenugreek seeds and take it. This will help sooth the pain you get from ulcer. 

5. Almonds blended with milk and goat's milk are other useful natural remedies for ulcer. Take them to get relieved from the pain of ulcer. 

Use the above home remedies for ulcer and you will never feel the pain of ulcers as before. If you have peptic ulcer and the pain started at home, I hope these remedies will help relief you of the pain. 

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