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See The Doctors That Have Died Of COVID-19 - "the more we see that anyone over 30 is affected"

The spread of Corona virus in Nigeria has been increasing very day by day and the Italians have lost not just one person at this moment now, there are many Medical Doctor That Died, After Contracting COVID-19 While Treating UK COVID-19 Victims

Italy have recorded more Corona virus cases and death than the the country that brought the deadly virus disease to existence China.

Patients have been arriving at the emergency department of the University Hospital San Luigi Gonzaga, in Turin, Italy, one after another after another. At first, physicians thought advanced age was a good predictor of which cases might go downhill fast. They were wrong. "We intubated a woman who was 38 years old," says Giovanni Volpicelli, MD. "We see otherwise healthy patients with acute symptoms of pneumonia due to the virus." And the more patients they see, he says, "the more we see that anyone over 30 is affected."

See The Nice Doctors That Have Died Of COVID-19 "the more we see that anyone over 30 is affected"

According to reports, At least 66 doctors have died in Italy during its coronavirus outbreak.

Among the latest casualties include Roberto Mileti, a gynaecologist from Rome, Guido Riva, a GP from Bergamo, and Gaetana Trimarchi, a GP from Messina, who all reportedly died on Monday.

Their names joined more than 60 other doctors on a list updated daily by the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists.

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