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Meet These Women Heroes Who Gave Birth While In A Coma

It is always considered a thing of courage when a woman goes through pregnancy and delivers her child successfully. This is because the nine months pregnancy journey is a trying time for the pregnant woman and a very delicate period too. A delivery is also a different thing entirely. Nevertheless, it's not everyday we see a woman in coma successfully give bith to her child. It is always regarded to be a miracle. Today we will be celebrating pregnant women who went into coma but still gave birth successfully. One even gave birth to twins.

Alicia Kappers

Alicia Kappers contracted the deadly coronavirus from her three year old toddler, Zayne. She was 31 weeks pregnant when she and her husband contracted the virus from their son.

Alicia, who is a director of professional development at a Cincinnati law firm was rushed to a hospital in Ohio by her husband when she developed a cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. She developed contractions two months earlier than her delivery date and had to go into emergency labour.

Alicia was placed on a medically induced coma, and it was in this state that she gave birth to her child. Neither of the parents were allowed to touch the baby yet, as it took Alicia several weeks to regain consciousness and know about her baby's birth, while her husband was also in quarantine. It was well over a month before she was released from the hospital coronavirus free and reunited with her new born son, Laith. She even celebrated her 40th birthday in the hospital.

Monique Cook

Monique Cook was eight months pregnant when she got infected with coronavirus. She was rushed to the hospital when she developed contractions and difficulty in breathing. It was in that hospital she got tested for coronavirus and the test came back positive.

The doctor's sought her permission to carry out a C-section on her to deliver the babies. In the process of the surgery, Monique slipped into coma. It was in this comatose state she gave birth to her twin girls. While in coma, she even transferred hospitals and was put on life support. Monique was informed of the birth of her twins when she woke up five days later.

The girls had been taken home by their father, Monique's husband. She could not be with her babies immediately because of her illness, but after she tested negative for coronavirus she was discharged and reunited with her babies. Her twins were named August Sky and Angel Renee. A double congratulations to her. She's a warrior.

Angel Primachenko

Angel Primachenko is a 27 year old Respiratory therepist. She was 33 weeks pregnant when she was infected with the coronavirus. She went into a coma and was placed on ventilator support at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, in Vancouver, Washington.

Primachenko woke up on April 6 to discover that she had put to bed and had a baby girl as proof. She met her daughter on April 15 after testing negative to coronavirus. The baby girl, named Ava, was also born prematurely on April 1. It seems coronavirus makes pregnant women go into labour earlier.

What do you think of this strong women who defied all odds and gave birth even in coma, and also survived coronavirus? Please tell us in the comments section.

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