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Skin Care

Ways of preventing pimples from growing on your face if it is not caused by hormonal condition.

Pimples are growths that occurs in our face and some could leave dark spots that may be difficult to clear. There are some ways to prevent pimples from growing on your face especially when it is not caused by hormonal condition. A verified health site, Clevelandclinic shared the ways.

Below are them.

1. Try and wash your face regularly with warm water when you are sweating and you could apply a mild facial cleanser afterwards. This could help clean, unclog pores and prevent pimples from occurring. By this, your face will be smooth and clear.

2. Try and keep your hands away from your face. This is because your hands may contain some bacteria and other infections that could cause pimples to occur. If you want to touch your face, you need to wash your hands properly.

3. Avoid using products with comedogenic ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil and wheat germ. Go for noncomedogenic ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin C which would not clog your pores. This will then help to prevent black head and pimples from occuring.

4. Try to clean up your make up immediately after usage with warm water because keeping it for too long could cause pimples.

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