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Ladies: See Reasons Why You Should Never Wash Your Private Part With Soap.

Personal hygiene happens to be something that humans have spent years trying to observe. Over the years, body hygiene has been taken up a notch. Many researches have been carried out on what to do to take care of the body. Bath at least twice everyday, brush your teeth at least twice a day, keep your nails short and clean, clean your environment, et.c. These are all hygienic practices which have been imbibed into the human race over the years. Observing good personal hygiene is obviously beneficial to the body, but now, the question is, is there anything like too much hygiene? Contrary to popular belief, yes too much cleaning can actually be detrimental to the body especially when it comes to sensitive areas like the human private parts.

The female private part(vagina) happens to be one of the most sensitive parts ever studied in the human body. As it is very sensitive, many people believe that it should be taken care of regularly. This both true and untrue at the same time(permit me please). True in the sense that it should be properly taken care of but untrue in the ways that most people believe it should be taken care of. Many believe that the female private part should be washed with fragrance, soaps, cleaned with wipes, and should be sprayed to improve the smell. This is wrong in so many ways.

There is saying, "the vagina is a self cleaning oven". This statement is actually true even though it isn't believed by many. The female private part has regular secretions which cleans it from the inside out. Therefore using feminine wash or soap is completely unnecessary. Apart from being unnecessary, it is also dangerous to one's health. Some reasons why soap shouldn't be applied in that area include:

1. It kills the good bacteria in it: In one way or the other I'm quite sure most of you must have heard the word, Bacteria. Most bacteria are harmful to the body but there are a few exceptions; some naturally occurring bacteria in the body are good. Some of these good bacteria are in the female private part and they basically help it be, well, the vagina(not to use too much scientific terms). Using soap to wash this part can make the environment non conducive for these bacteria and they die (just so you know, this is bad for the part).

2. It causes infections: It has been earlier established that applying soap to the female private part kills the good bacteria. Once the good bacteria are absent, there will growth of other harmful bacteria in the area thereby causing infections.

3. It can cause a pungent odour: It is no new thing that some ladies use fragrances in their private part to make it smell nice. The down part of using fragranced soaps is that after a while you won't perceive the nice odour anymore but instead a pungent smell will be perceived. This is because you have introduced foreign elements into the private part, elements which are not meant to be there and which it isn't used to.

4. It can cause a burning sensation: Earlier on, I made mention of the fact that the private part is a very sensitive part of the body therefore applying some kinds of soap to it can cause irritation which then gives of the feeling of a burn; a burning sensation. Normally this feeling is just temporary but in some rare cases, it remains permanent if not properly treated.

Please note: Don't get me wrong please, I'm not saying the female private part shouldn't be cleaned at all, of course it should. It should be cleaned gently with water(a lot of clean water) and should be dabbed gently with a towel to dry off. No need for vigorous washing.

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