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Three dangerous diseases that are caused by insects in our environment

A disease can be said to be an abnormal condition, that affects a living thing. When a disease affects a living thing, it tends to show some signs of its presence in the body of the host. We all know that most insects are carriers of diseases, and they tend to spread it, when they come in contact with the body of the living organism or food items that will be eaten by the living organism.

There are various types of insects and most of them stay in the forest, while some stay around our surroundings. This article clearly looks at insects that stay around us, and the kind of disease they can cause.

1. Malaria

This is already a popular type of disease which everyone already know about. This is caused by mosquito bite and if it is not properly treated, it can result to death. Malaria is one of the most commonest disease in Africa

2. Sleeping sickness

The sleeping sickness is caused by the tsetse fly and when it gets into the Human body, the infection spreads through the blood. This infection causes swelling in the brain and it affects animals too. If it is not treated on time, it can lead to advanced stage sleeping sickness. It is a deadly disease that is common in Africa.

3. Enteric diseases

These are bacterial diseases, that are gotten from contaminated food or liquid substance. These diseases are gotten from house flies through decal form. Examples of enteric disease are typhoid fever, cholera (which causes dysentery and diarrhea).

These are some of the disease that can be gotten from insects, that stay around us. We need to be careful about our surroundings. Keeping our surroundings clean is very essential to stay healthy, and be safe from insects that can cause some of these diseases. When the inflected person is not taking care of, it might result to death or worse conditions.

Source: Google.

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