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4 Ways Of Treating A Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankle is an injury to the ligaments that makes the ankle bones remain together. This usually happens when the ankle twists in an unusual way. Having a sprained ankle can happen when one steps on something while walking and the ankle twists.

Sprained ankle can be observed by swelling of the ankle just few minutes after the ankle is sprained. Pain is also felt in the affected region which is accompanied by tenderness to touch. Immediately after the ankle is sprained, one tends to limp because of the instability of the ankle. Sprained ankles may be mild, moderate or severe.

In mild sprained ankles, the ankle feels stable and some stiffness and pain can be felt. This can be healed between one to three weeks with proper treatment.

In moderate sprained ankles, swelling is seen and the ankle feels quite unstable. Healing can take place between three weeks to a month.

In severe cases,the ankle feels totally unstable as a result of torn ligaments. So much pains are felt. Healing can take a long time.

Sprained ankles can be treated by the following ways:

Resting: When you rest after you sprained your ankle, you are preventing it from being stressed again.

Application of ice: Immediately after the injury, place an ice on it to reduce its swelling and blood flowing rate. Inflammation can be prevented, if this treatment is done right after the injury.

Using Bandage: When using an ice becomes impossible, use a bandage or something else to wrap the affected region until the swelling is reduced. Be careful not to tie it too tight.

Using some medications: Some medications that act as pain relievers like Ibuprofen help reduce pains and swelling when taken.

If the sprained ankle didn't seem to improve, I advise you to meet with a doctor for immediate treatment.

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