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Poor people always do this daily. Work hard and be successful.

The poor as we all know are people who don't have a lot of cash or can't provide all their needs. People who also begs and hawk are also referred to as poor men, here are what poor people go through daily. Work hard and be rich.

1. Eating one junk out of three/two meals per day: Yes! they eat junk food once every day, especially on the road Hawking or while begging or while doing manual jobs, to avoid going home with little money, they go for junk foods, to save money.

2. Getting insults from people even far much younger than them: Poor people experience this everyday, getting insulted by people especially the Okadas or taxi drivers. The funny thing is that they're used to it so no matter how you insult them, they won't react to avoid getting themselves in trouble. Pity the poor.

3. Thinking about their debts every night: This is one of the reasons why the poor dies before their time, thinking every night about those they owe and how to pay them. Instead of catching a good sleep which could've helped relax their mind and body, they think about their debts.

4. Getting angry at people: Sometimes, you'll wonder why a poor man always gets angry at little things. Everyday, a poor man must get angry at someone especially when he expects something and you disappoint him. It's not their fault, try to understand them.

5. Getting mute sometimes: Everyday, there'll be a time they'll stay mute, no matter what you tell them, they won't reply. This shows how tired they are within them, especially little ones who are Hawking or doing something tiresome.

6. Daily thoughts about family: Thinking about family everyday, for the children, they think about how their parents suffer and for the man, he thinks about how he can make his family great especially during the night and for the wife, she thinks about food and activities that'll take place the next day and calculating how it'll go through. God bless the poor!!

7. How they pray: Their prayers daily must be for God to bless them with riches sometimes forgetting about long life and good health.

Ladies and gentlemen, work hard for a better future, don't let your mom and dad's suffering be in vain, pray to God for assistance.

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