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3 Steps to overcome addiction

Addiction has destroyed so many youths; youths who had good beginning and great ambitions in life. It has transformed some of the young men and woman into something which they had never wished to become.

Addiction has obliterated so many talents and attenuated so many visions. If this egregious development is left unchecked, who can tell how deteriorated the future of our society would be? Everyone is directly or indirectly affected because in one way or the other, everyone can feel the impact of it.

Some of these youths are so remorseful for their indulgence but for the fact it has become a habit so difficult to let go, they have been battling with it to no avail; just a few are able to exorcise the evil habit.

These three (3) practical steps can help you overcome addiction if and only if you really want to:

1. Prayer and Self decision: have you made up your mind to quit whatever habit you are addicted to? Self decision is the first step to take to quit whatever bad habit you are addicted to. Prayer goes simultaneously with decision. God acknowledges the prayer request of people who have made up their minds to do something positive with their lives. And when you pray regarding this issue and willing to be strong and abide by your new principles, God will surely answer your prayers and grant you the power to overcome.

2. Discipline and self-control: these attributes are paramount as they will ascertain if possibly you can really overcome the evil habit. As you have made up your mind to quit the bad habit, you must also make up your mind to maintain your decision no matter how strong the urge to indulge might be; do not ever succumb.

3. Avoiding whatever that can trigger indulgence: in order to help yourself, you must also avoid whatever that will synthesize you to indulge in the habit, it could be the environment, occasion, friends, activities, movie series, books, etc. You know that particular thing which triggers you to indulge, so in oder to help yourself, avoid it.

May the Almighty God help you in Jesus name, Amen!

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