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Stop pouring water on people that fainted, here are the things you should do to revive them

Stop pouring water on people that fainted, here are the things you should do to revive them.

Lost consciousness or fainting is a brief moment of black out people experience in one point of their lives, and for a brief moment, enough oxygen was not getting to their brain, so they stop to breath. 

A sudden emotional experience like fear can lead to fainting because the body triggers a response that for a brief moment, lowers their blood pressure so that not enough blood is going to the brain.

When a person faints, they suffer a BRIEF loss of consciousness. 

There is this norm that when a person fainted, the next thing people around would do is to pour an available water on the patient in the bit to revive. That norm is absolutely wrong and it needs to be stopped. It takes a few moments to get conscious again.

The ignorance of what should be done to people that lose consciousness often result to deaths. 

What is responsible or causes of fainting? When you have low blood sugar can also lead to it

Dehydration, extreme exercise. Severe pain can cause people to faint also. 

It is recommended that you laying the person down and elevating their feet is a proper way to bring them back to life. You raise their legs above the level of their heart to force more blood back to the brain.

Let them lie down a bit so blood returns to their brain also. Loosen their belt or belly trimmer. 

Also when lieing the person on the floor, Position the person on his or her back.

To reduce the chance of fainting again, don't get the person up too quickly.

After consciousness, if any glucose or sugar drink is available, some quantity may be administered. Not much & try & confirm if he or she is diabetic.

The glucose ll give the person more energy & quicker recovery. 

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