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Be Aware that After Receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine, Some Side Effects Might Follow for Some Days

The United States Centre for Disease Control has highlighted some likely post vaccination effects some people might have after taking the jab. It indeed stated that such effects would go away in matter of days. This does not put the safety and efficacy of approved vaccines in doubt. 

Most of us must have had one form of vaccination or the other in the course of our lives. And we pass our new born through series of vaccinations to protect them against certain diseases. In the course of all these life processes, we had reactions to the vaccines, our children did too. 

In the case of our children, rise in body temperature, vomiting, pain and restlessness are among the after effects that goes along with vaccinations. For grown ups, numbness, restlessness and nausea is experienced after vaccination.

That the Covid-19 vaccination could make one experience some discomfort is pretty basic with vaccinations. 

According to the CDC, likely effect on the arm where the vaccine is received are: pain, redness and swelling. While the likely effect on the entire body include: fever, tiredness, headache and muscle pains. 

The CDC have useful tips on how to handle these challenges and when to see a doctor. Such tips are just a click away from this link

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United States Centre for Disease Control


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