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This is How to cure Ulcer using only cabbage

Ulcers are sores or wounds that develop in the stomach , most people believe that ulcer is caused by excessive starving. But according to some researches , here are the causes of ulcer.

1)They are caused mostly by Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori) a bacterial infection

2)Acids from foods like orange juice can also cause it

3)Also long term use of aspirin or anti inflammatory medicines (ibuprofen)causes ulcer


1) Discomfort in the stomach , in the night or when eating

2) Burning or dull pain in the stomach

3)When you eat a particular food like orange juice , there is always discomfort , due to its acidic nature

However,there are some remedies that helps with ulcer treatment

1) Cabbage: Cabbage helps with ulcer .It has been a cure for ulcer so many decades ago before the invention of drugs that can just cure it within a blink of the eye . Cabbage is really rich in vitamin C , which helps to prevent Helicobacter pylori (the main cause of ulcer)

Ingredients for this practice:

1) Cabbage (specifically green cabbage , because they contain high amount of nutrients)

2)One cup of water


1)Boil the water for at least 10-15 minutes

2)Cut your cabbage into small sizes

3)Pour the cabbage and water into a blender

4)Blend for at least 10 seconds

5)Pour the mixture in a bowl or jar

6)Then you leave the mixture for at least 3 days (It helps it ferment and provide more nutrients that will help the digestive system)

7) Using a sieve remove the solid particles From the mixture

8)Then you keep the mixture in a jar

9)Put it in a refrigerator and allow it to chill

10) Always serve chilled

11)Try this process at least 3times a week for a better result

Content created and supplied by: Samuelio (via Opera News )

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