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Signs that show your liver is gradually failing and what you should do immediately

According to Medicalnewstoday, the liver is responsible for numerous important functions, including deamination of proteins, detoxification of harmful compounds, bile production, and many more. Because of the accumulation of toxins in its cells, the liver is susceptible to infection, poisoning, and failure. Yet, there are a number of signs that indicate the liver is gradually failing, and I intend to briefly educate you on them and the immediate steps you should take based on Healthline's recommendations in this essay.

Jaundice, the accumulation of which causes yellowing of the skin, is a disease. Jaundice occurs when bile leaks from the liver and into the bloodstream, causing a disease known as cholestasis.

Rashes and chronic itching are cutaneous symptoms of liver failure, which is defined by a lack of toxin clearance from the blood.

Lastly, black urine can be an indicator of liver failure and may be caused by a major condition affecting the liver. Get checked out if your urine is still a dark color despite your best efforts to stay hydrated.

As fluid builds up in the lower extremities, it most noticeably affects the legs and feet. The inability of the liver to remove waste liquids or excess fluid from the body is the root cause of this problem. Medical intervention is necessary when non-invasive measures fail to alleviate edema in the legs or feet.

A trip to the doctor for evaluation and treatment is warranted if you experience any of the aforementioned warning signs.

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