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Ways women can prevent and lower the risk of cervical cancer

Before recognizing how to prevent and reduce the risk of cervical cancer, you should first know the causes of this dangerous disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, cervical cancer is caused by infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is transmitted mainly through sexual intercourse.

Here are some ways in which women can prevent or reduce their risk of cervical cancer.


The first step to preventing and reducing the risk of cervical cancer is to get vaccinated. Injections of the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine can reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer. 

The HPV vaccine works by preventing all types of diseases caused by HPV, including genital warts and cervical cancer. The virus can infect both men and women, particularly the female reproductive organ, penis, cervix, oral cavity, and upper respiratory tract.

Safe sex

The second way to prevent or reduce the risk of cervical cancer is to practice safe sex. Most cervical cancers are linked to HPV infections that are transmitted through sex. Women can have safer sex to reduce the risk of this disease.

Stop smoking

The third way to prevent or reduce the risk of cervical cancer is to stop smoking. Cigarettes can inhibit the body's ability to deal with HPV infection. If left untreated, this condition can develop into cancer. 

If you are currently struggling to quit smoking, try asking for help from smoking cessation clinics at a number of health centres, hospitals, or other trusted health services. 


Check your cervix regularly

The fourth way to prevent or reduce the risk of cervical cancer is to regularly check the cervix.

Women aged 25–49 years are advised to have a cervical check every three years. Meanwhile, women aged 50-64 years need to check the condition of their cervix every five years.

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