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2 Health Benefits of Onion Tea

Onions are among those herbs that serve as spices during preparation of foods while still providing some medicinal benefits. Onions are known to be sources of vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants etc.

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Onion tea can be made by boiling sliced onions in water for some while and then taking the water. Here are some benefits of taking onion tea.

1. Can protect the heart from diseases.

Onions contain quercetin which is a flavonoid antioxidant that is highly potent in fighting inflammations.

Most heart diseases come as a result of the implications of inflammatory processes. Inflammatory reactions would give rise to the production of adhesion molecules. The presence of adhesion molecules is why it would be possible for fats to deposits along the walls of the arteries causing a disturbance in the flow of blood as well as a potential blockage of such artery so that the organ or tissue it supplies dies off.

Consuming onions can be of help in fighting to protect the heart from such conditions by preventing inflammatory reactions.

2. Lowers sugar levels

Quercetin which is among the key and active ingredients in onions have been shown to interact with the cells in some organs of the body like the liver, small intestines, pancreas, fats and skeletal muscle tissues to control the sugar regulation in the body.

When the sugar levels of the blood are regulated constantly some diseases like diabetes would find it hard to set in. Taking onions regularly can be of help in regulation of blood sugar levels

With the right feeding choices, some diseases can easily be averted or prevented, onions is highly blessed with nutrients and regular consumption of it would be really advantageous to the human health.

Another way onion tea can be prepared is by grating or crushing onions into paste and then squeezing out the water. Infact, this method would preserve the nutrients more than the former.

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Information sourced from 'Healthline'.

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