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Worst Food Selections That May Cause Health Problems For You

Nobody has perfect control over his future but certain things we do affect us either positively or negatively. For instance the kind of food we eat affects our health. In this same way the lifestyle we live play a big role in our longevity.

Which kinds of diets are regarded as healthy and which ones are unhealthy. Our concern in this article is to point out some food selection s that are unhealthy so that if you may learn how to choose healthy diet.

If you have the habit of eating these things, you are breeding health problems for yourself

1. Eating too much of processed carbohydrates

It sounds suprising to hear that consuming too much processed carbohydrates is unhealthy right? This is very true. Processed carbohydrates is one of the causes of obesity .It can also make some health problems like diabetes worse. Processed carbohydrates include bread, white parboiled rice, garri, doughnuts, buns etc.

Instead go for whole grains, such as wheat, millet, chia seeds etc These whole grains contain fiber which is essential for the health of our guts. Also complex carbohydrates like beans and oatmeal are very good for your health. Always choose your diet based on the nutrients in them and the expected health benefits you will derive..

We are not condemning processed carbohydrates entirely, rather we are suggesting a better option for your health. A lot of nutrients are lost as a result of processing

2. Consuming too much sugary drinks

Many people are habitual consumers of sugary drinks. This drinks may come in the form of soft drinks, ice cream, pizza, fruit juice sweetened yoghurt etc. If your diet is made up of this, your dietary pattern is unhealthy. This is because too much sugar in your diet would likely pose health challenge in the future

3. Eating foods containing saturated fats and trans fats.

Saturated fats can be gotten from red meat, peanut , butter etc. Trans fat is mainly gotten from consuming baked products such as biscuits. It is used in the production of some margarines. Rather choose healthy and unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats can be gotten from chicken, oily fishes,seeds and nuts.

4. Drinking too much alcohol.

If you are consuming too much alcohol, it simply means poor dietary habit. Too much alcohol will promote health problems for the drinker. According to experts, the maximum quantity of alcohol a man should take is two drinks a day and a woman one drink a day. Alcohol consumption should be minimal if you like taking it. Bear in mind that alcohol doesn't add any nutrients to your health.

5. Smoking

Many people smoke. This is very unhealthy. Smoking is very dangerous to health. It is an unhealthy habit that is responsible for many health problems.

6. Not drinking enough water

Water is one of the essential food nutrients. It is the major solvent needed by the body for digestion and assimilation of all other food nutrients. If you don't take enough of it, you may suffer indigestion, dehydration and so on. Your diet is not balanced until you drink water.

7. Taking too much salt

Salt is good for our body, but when it is taken in excess it becomes bad

The body needs potassium to remove excess salt from the body and most people don't take enough potassium from their diet. Excess salt may cause heart problems.

8. Not taking enough fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are essential for every healthy diet. They contain important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that protect our body from diseases. It is surprising that most people don't take enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.

9. Concentrating on one food nutrient

Eating too much of one thing is not a healthy habits. Our body needs a balanced diet that contains all the essential food nutrients. So try to ensure balance in your food selection.

Conclusion: A healthy lifestyle is not only about diet, physical exercise and rest is essential for good health. You must include this two in your lifestyle in order to reap the benefits of good dieting.

Content created and supplied by: EnyinnaChidi (via Opera News )


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