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Motivation for today: The Invisible killer


  I was just few metres to my gate when my cell phone rang.

 I made to pick it up only to discover that the caller was Dennis an old friend of mine. We last saw and spoke to each other a year after our internship.

" Why could he be calling me now"❓ I thought to myself. I intentionally missed the call and returned it immediately.

   In the course of the phone conversation, he mentioned the fact that his brother recently died from a killer disease called "#STAP". He couldn't talk anymore on the other line as tears became his best friend at that moment. I wasn't surprised he cried that much because he is emotional to the extremes. I promised to visit him soon and the conversation ended .

   On entering my sitting room, the television set was on and I was shocked when I got to know that the same disease which claimed the life of Dennis's brother was being broadcast.

It was said to have killed millions of people and ripped them of their future.

  Why haven't I heard of this❓. Maybe because I haven't had time to get myself updated with recent happenings.


I think I have been talking about a wrong disease here.

I actually meant #PAST not #STAP

  Yes❗ the said invisible killer is your past, my past, our past.

It tends to pull you down when you dwell on it

It makes you see reasons why you wouldn't attain your future goals.

Memories of it will always tell you you #CAN'T do it even when you say you can.

It makes your thoughts it's best friend and corrupt your useful thoughts for yourself.

It gets married to your plans and births failure.

 These and many more are what this disease can do to you.


Here's good news for you 👇👇

Do you know you can defeat your past❓

Of course you can ❗❗.

If the past can't be defeated, men like Bob Gass wouldn't write books like "starting over".

In as much as the past is difficult to let go of , you shouldn't let it punish your present and paralyze your future.

If you always encountered academic failure in the past, why have you allowed it to live with you ❓

Why haven't you decided to walk out of it❓

Would you continue to abide in your past❓.

You may have made certain mistakes in the past. Mistakes are inevitable.

But why have you decided to let that mistake define your present.❓

Why can't you make that mistake a lesson and make your present/future excellent ❓.

Someone may have offended you in the past and you let it change your attitude and thoughts toward that person

Why can't you let go ❓, why can't you forget and make the present interaction between the offender a sweet one.

If you don't let go off the past 👇👇👇

 It will kill you more than COVID_19 does

It will hurt you more than the hottest furnace.

It will kill your dreams by making you believe that since you couldn't make it in the past, you won't make it presently.

Go to your creator for help

Consult positive minded individuals

Read good books.

Make your thoughts positive.

Don't let the past kill you like it did to others.

Thanks for reading


Content created and supplied by: Dukegeorge (via Opera News )



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