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5 Signs You've Developed Depression Even If You Don't Feel Sad

Many have the wrong impression that a depressed someone is one who is in perpetual pain, sad and often crying. Meaning that they display their despair blatant. 

The main truth is that signs of depression vary in a wide range, and that is why someone can be steady photos on social media and simultaneously staying in the throes of a major depressive moment, displaying no apparent signal of sadness. Meanwhile, another human might be showing some signs of depression by quitting engaging in normal activities or even sleeping a lot.

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused increase in mental health problem, depression included. If you haven't experience depression before, it would be hard for you to identify what the condition actually means.

Here are some Signs You've Developed Depression, Even If You Don't Feel Sad;

You experience extended bouts of stress

Your appetite drastically changes

Your social habits have subtly changed

You exhibit behaviors that may be associated with ‘pandemic fatigue’

You’re irritable and aggressive

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