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Insecticides Are Harmful. Instead, Kill Your Mosquitoes Naturally With These Steps

The rainy season has brought about Mosquito breeding in our environment and homes, causing sicknesses like Malaria to be on the increase. However, many individuals employ the use of coils, liquid vaporizers and insecticides in killing these pests. The coils , insecticides are other mosquito killing agents are packed with lots of chemicals that cause problems to the human body. They can cause respiratory irritations, Asthma, irregular body functioning and fibroid.

Aside those chemicals, there are other natural and unharmful methods which I will share with you in this article.

1. Neem and Lavender Oil

Studies have shown that Neem Oil is very effective in keeping Mosquitoes away, ten times more than coils or other chemical substances. Neem Oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

You can use it by combining with Lavender Oil in equal parts before applying to your skin.

2. Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil

One advantage of this Baby Oil, is that it keeps the bugs away. It is handy and can be applied on the skin at ease.

3. Lemon and Cloves

Slice a lemon, place some cloves in it and keep at various corners in your house. With this, you don't have to worry anymore.

4. Basil or Tulsi

Get a plant of Tulsi or Basil and place in your home. Tulsi is believed to be great for making tea, but these pests detest it. It releases an odour that repels them.

5. Garlic

Crush a few cloves of Garlic, boil the crushed Garlic in water for some time and pour the solution into a spray bottle. At your leisure, squirt the liquid around and enjoy a mosquito free room.

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