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Stop Doing These Things If You Don't Want To Get Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a predominant disease condition in the tropics and temperate regions of the world, it is characterized by an abnormal growth of skin cells when exposed to carcinogenic materials such as Sunlight and topical creams.

This article is focused on informing the reader the several causes for skin cancer and how to prevent them, as well as inform you on what to do if you notice an abnormal outgrowth in your skin at a certain stage in your span.

Many sources claim that cumulative exposure to the Ultra Violet radiation of Sunlight is a likely cause for skin cancer in light skinned and some black skinned individuals. While this claim is not entirely true, it has some shades of truth in it. The fact is the Sun is ubiquitous and unavoidable by anyone but some certain radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer in a slow, spontaneous and natural process. The skin is made up of a protein 'Keratin' and radioactive materials are known to change the orientation of protein molecules, this is how the sun can cause skin cancer. Overtime, exposure to the sun causes wrinkles and sunburns which then becomes the precursor to a devastating skin disease.

To avoid this cause for cancer, it is advisable that an individual seeks the shade during the day time, especially between the periods of 10 Am to 3 Pm. Also, individuals are advised to put on long clothing materials to cover every part of the body which can be exposed to sunlight. An idea of wearing hats and sunshades is also advisable.

Another cause for skin cancer is exposure to certain chemicals such as Arsenic, Industrial Tar and Paraffin. Also certain oils may react with your skin type and cause certain rashes which can then be a precursor for the disease. Always ensure you watch your body whenever you try oils or new cream products and avoid completely any oil that cause an adverse effect on your skin.

These Are What You Are To Stop Doing If You Want To Prevent Skin Cancer

1) Avoid too much exposure to the sun, as certain Ultra Violet radiations from the sun can accumulate over time and cause skin cancer.

2) Always cover your bodies with appropriate clothing whenever you are stepping out in the sun. This helps in shielding delicate areas of your skin from sunburns and radioactive attacks.

3) If you can avoid it, don't step out of a building between the hours of 10 Am and 3 Pm. This is because at these times, the intensity of sunlight is maximum and hence a probability of a higher effect of skin toxicity.

4) Avoid keeping quiet when you observe weird growths on any part of your body, as these things could grow and result in a severe case. Remember a stitch in time saves nine times more.

5) Always try to visit a Dermatologist from time to time for proper examination and early detection of cancerous cells on the skin.

What To Do To Enhance Healthy Skin Growth

Always ensure to eat plenty of oranges and other fruits, as it is proven that the antioxidants present in fruits help to nourish the squamous cells of the skin and prevents wrinkling and folding, which are caused by free radicals in the body. The prevention results from the mopping off of free radicals, that is done by antioxidants in the body.

Skin cancers are always very much recoverable from, especially when they are detected promptly and most times they affect only fair skinned people more. It is advisable to check your body routinely every month during your shower and report any outgrowth to your family doctor, who can refer you to a Dermatologist if he/she happens not to be one. Stay safe and you are also free to drop any questions you have concerning the topic in the comment section.

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