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Health Tips: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

Growing up, I really loved fruits. In fact after every meal, fruits were made available to savor as dessert. 

I was exposed to a variety of fruits, at an early age due to the profession my mother was engaged in. She was a petty traded who peddled in staple fruits. 

The fruits ranged from oranges, bananas, watermelons, mangoes amongst others. However, I developed a keen liking to oranges and bananas.

In fact, it got to a time I couldn’t go a day without orange or banana. Education, and research on its benefits, entrenched my resolve into taking them.

However, I had to go to Senior High School (S.H.S). S.H.S was far from home. I couldn’t get these fruits any longer. But what startled me a lot way back in S.H.S was people love and liking of another fruit called Coconut

Most of my friends, colleagues in class and general students populace preferred Coconuts to orange.

This realization piqued my interest. I hadn’t tasted Coconut ever in my life at that time. So I resolved to buy one whenever the coconut seller arrived, so that I could decided for myself.

I waited for over 3 days before the coconut seller could come around for me to buy one. In fact upon drinking the water, I really understood why my colleagues loved it. It tasted really well, and was very refreshing. 

I then took the fiber out to chew, it was nice, soft and delicate. I used my last 2 cedis to purchase another one, just to savor. 

My curiousity lead me to research the health benefits, attributed to drinking coconut water. I was startled to read the health benefits of taking in coconut water.

So I am here to share with my readers some health benefits of taking in coconut water dubbed the “Mother Nature of Sports drink”

1.Low in Calories

Scientific research has found out that, Coconut water is low in calories. This is especially very beneficial for those who want to lose weight. It also contains less sugar and carbohydrates than most juices. In addition, it has more electrolytes and electrolytes like sodium and potassium than most juices. So if you really want to lose weight, Coconut water is your safest bet.

2.Helps to reduce Blood Pressure

The health benefit of Potassium is that, it helps keep the fluids and electrolyte balance in the body. Especially during exercises. It helps balance the sodium effect on blood pressure. This helps to reduce blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high, Coconut water is a suitable juice to reduce your blood pressure levels due to its amazing properties.

3.Rich in Amino Acids 

Amino acids are the end product of Proteins. Its main function is to repair tissues. Amino acid helps you to deal with stress caused by a difficult work out. It also keeps your heart very healthy. 

4.Picture- Perfect Skin

Have you ever wondered why most facial creams, lotions, shampoos contain traces of coconut extract. ? 

This is because the application of coconut extracts in these facial creams has excellent ability to clear up blemishes on the surface of the skin. Should you ingest it also, it has a remarkable ability to moisturize the skin. 

5.Facilities Digestion.

Due to its high concentration of fibre content, it has the ability and potential to reduce or prevent indigestion and constipation. 

6.It can help prevent diabetes

Since it has low sugar content, drinking it regularly has the potential to prevent the any onset of diabetes.

7.It can help fight viruses

It can help fight different kinds of diseases caused by viruses. It contains anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that helps the body fight against diseases like flu and herpes. It also helps in fighting other diseases as well.

To conclude most Ghanaians do not get enough potassium because they do not eat enough fruits and vegetables so coconut water can help fill the gaps.

I will end here.

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