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The Best Way To Cure Any Kidney Related Diseases Using Ripe Pawpaw Seeds

I like seeing people smiling when it comes to health matter. Your happiness is mine too, which is the main reason most of my articles are based on health related issues and how to get rids of it naturally without any medical attention.

Today I present to you, the best way to treat any kidney related health challenges using papaya seeds.

It makes me laugh each time I see people cutting and eating pawpaw but throwing its seeds away. Anyway, I can't blame them for doing so, this is because they don't know the usefulness of this black seeds.

This black seeds are gotten from a ripe Pawpaw. Fortunately, it is widely available here in Nigeria and all over the globe.

Pawpaw seed is good for both internal and external organs of human body. In fact, it is even an ideal food for those women that prefer healthy body and shining skin. 

This seed serves as a cure to any kidney related diseases. If you are a patient battling this health condition, and know someone, all needs to do, is to read carefully for better understanding on how to prepare this seed to get rid of it in no time.


1. Papaya or pawpaw seeds

2. Fermented water of corn ( omidun)

3. A thick coverage bowl


Get a very ripe pawpaw. Cut it and bring out its seeds. You also need to get the fermented water of corns(omidun in Yoruba).

Put the fermented water inside a coverable bowl. Then pour the pawpaw seeds into the water. Leave it for 6weeks. But make sure the bowl is a thick one. Light bowl might get explode in the process. Once the preparation passes 3weeks it becomes very powerful and volatile. So use a strong bowl. 

When it becomes well fermented after six weeks. Sieve it and and take half of a glass-cup in the evening after food.

I bet you, you will start urinating more and the kidney problems will vanish. This even works more for kidney stone.

Pawpaw seed is one of the ingredients to cure to cure epilepsy patients, it serves as anti- aging when it's properly and regular applied. It will make you look younger than your age and many other health benefits.

You see, most of what you need to live a good life are available in the nature. If you now how to use the seeds judiciously, they work wonderfully.

But as efficacious as the seeds could be its preparation is somehow tedious and irritating. But trust me, it worth it!

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