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4 ways to stay healthy during the rainy seasons(Opinion)

It's important to ensure you ensure that you take proper care of yourself so that you won't be susceptible to falling sick too often. Common illness that befall many during the rainy season include the cold and the flu,and many skin-related issues are due to exposure to moisture.

Below are 4 ways to stay healthy to avoid falling sick .

1. Always stay indoor: Exposure to rain and the chilly weather are almost guaranteed to leave you prone to cold. Staying indoors during a rain shower and wearing clothes that will insulate your body heat will ensure you stay protected from cold that will most probably do you more harm than good.

2. Take "Vitamin C": when you hear about "Vitamin C",it's not just about the tablets. Vitamin C is essential to protect your body from viruses and infections and also helps fighting the virus in your body. Taking supplements or a diet rich in Vitamin C will help reduce the symptoms of cold,as well as keep you protected from it. Take fruits such as pineapple,orange,banana, strawberries etc consume more fruits

3. Hot Showers: Taking hot,steamy showers will help in raising your body temperature, especially after being exposed to cold or rain. Apart from that,it will also wash away any gems that may expose you to skin infections

4. Stay hydrated: Drinking less water during cooler temperatures is normal, but you won't be doing yourself a favour if you neglect it. Staying hydrated will expel toxins and unwanted bodies in your body so that you stay healthy

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