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The Photos of A Girl Crying Crystal Tears that has gone viral, a blessing and a curse.

Photos and Video of A Girl Crying Crystal Tears. A blessing and a curse.

Satenik Kazaryan is a twenty- two years old lady, who comes from Spandaryan village in Armenia. Her case of crying Crystal Tears was brought to light after she went to a dentist and accidentally came in contact with dust from the hospital. She narreted that : 'when I went to the dentist, some dust particles entered my eyes '

' I went to the opthalmologist and the doctor their brought out some jagged crystal from my eyes '

' ever since that day my life have been living hell for me '.

She further explained that on everydays account she actually have to cry out fifty (50) jagged edge crystal which cause her excruciating pain.

A highly respected Opthalmologist in that particular countryside has explained with laid down fact that satenik's condition is physically and anatomically impossible, which has laid to many peoples doubt and confusion.

The reasons for their doubt is simply for the fact that the human tear duct is too small for the jagged edge crystal to come out from. But a video has been made which records the exit of the crystal tears directly from her eyes. This has laid many opthalmologist who has come to lend their help to the conclusion that Kazaryan might have excess salt in her body.

Although no doctor have come out with the possible solution to this lady's torment and pain she has admitted that at first when the situation came up she went to see an eye doctor that gave her eye drops that only lasted for a short while before her condition became much more worse.

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