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After 16 years and 18 miscarriages, she finally gives birth at 48 years old

Here’s the story of Louise and her husband Mark, who were finally blessed with a baby body after years of going through tragic miscarriages and complications.

It’s true that we cannot do anything against the Almighty’s wish. There’s always a plan behind everything that we go through in life. Some people easily get what they want, while others have to keep trying to see their dreams coming true.

For Louise Warneford from Swinton, England, life has been a roller-coaster ride, even though she married the man she wanted to. Ever since she married Mark in 1999 at 32, she started trying to conceive, but her attempts always ended in a tragedy.

Her husband Mark had undergone a vasectomy during a previous relationship, which is why the couple resorted to expensive IVF treatments to conceive. Louise didn’t face complications while getting pregnant, but sadly, she would lose her baby at around 14 weeks. A doctor found that she had ‘killer cells’ which were destroying her embryos.

Over a span of 16 years, Louise suffered 18 miscarriages. But she never gave up hope and kept trying till she was 48 years old. Mark, who was 55 years old now, spent close to $100,000 on IVF treatment. That’s when she was blessed with a baby boy who was born at 37 weeks via C-section. She named the little angel William. Louise couldn’t have been happier than this.

This is a story of faith and hope leading a couple through several trials to fulfill their dream of finally completing their family. It certainly inspires awe in us as it strongly establishes the fact that there are good things always on the way, no matter how bad the current phase is.

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