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“Are you Pregnant”? — See the Negative effects of Zobo Drink to your body.

This drink is occasionally enjoyed by people from all over the world. So, let's find out first why this is good for your health.

1. It lowers the amount of estrogen in your body

This is only the issue for women who have a menstrual cycle issue. When you regularly drink hibiscus, it can slow down the oestrogen development cycle. And if in your life you already have issues with this then consider staying away from karkade for a while. Besides, also remember that because of its specific properties, women’s taking birth control pills should stay away from the tea too. So if you have such a problem then choose some other tea instead of this one and remove it from your daily diet altogether.

2. It influences blood pressure

People with low blood pressure should also stay away from drinking this tea. It is very helpful if you have hypertension syndrome, as it can easily bring blood pressure to significant levels. But if you have low blood pressure, it's not a choice for you. It will make it even lower, and as a result of dealing with the drugs, you 're taking to avoid these health issues, you will feel worse. 

3. It may cause hallucinogenic signs

After drinking a zobo drink, you may feel light-headed. All the properties combined in it will lead to intoxication. However, if you work as a driver or drive a lot, it's not the best idea to have hibiscus tea then.

4. Prevents pregnancySome women claimed this kind of drink had not helped them to become pregnant. It's proven scientifically and because it's toxic to the oestrogen levels, it can also prevent women from getting pregnant.

5. It could make you less productive

This make your body slow down a little, given how this tea works in your body. So if you need to give your body some rest, hibiscus tea's perfect. But if you want to remain productive, then you should probably substitute it with another beverage.

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