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You Will Die Poor If You Don't Stop This Five Habits

You will die poor if you seriously don't stop this five habits.

There are some things you do in this life life that will makes poverty to strangle you throughout your life time. If you're the type looking for ways to escape yourself from this poverty cage, then am happy for you, here are five habits you need to stop doing rightnow if you seriously want to have a prosperous future.

1. Stop procrastinating

They say procrastination is a killer of destiny, are you doubting that? it's absolutely true!

What you suppose to do today and decided to leave till tomorrow is call procrastination. There are many ways in which people procrastinate, it's either because they don't have enough time or probably because there's no enough equipment or capital to start whatever you plan to do.

Whichever way it is, do not try to procrastinate as at from today's on, do whatever you want to do immediately, with the little resources you have.

2. Stop spending more than you earn

You can never be rich is you are the type that spend more than you earn.

Let me give you an example, you earn N30,000 monthly and you're the type that spend over N80,000 at the end of the month, please tell me how did you expect to cope with this, you will surely run into debt, so tell me how poverty won't struck you.

So, do not spend more than you earn, instead earn more and spend less, this can only be done by creating multiple streams of income for yourself.

Cut unnecessary expenses from your budget today.

3. Stop Complaining

"No business idea", "This things are not for me", " I can't stress myself", if you are the type that think or complains alot about things, there's no way you can escape from poverty.

Instead, see every problem as an opportunity, tackle them! As you're busy complaining, other people are out there findings solutions to the world.

Nothing will change if you don't decide to change of face and fight any challenges that comes your way.

4. Keep good friends around you

I don't think i need to go deep on this, Control delete any friends that adds no value no your life today.

Stop connecting with friends that looks for ways on how you're going to spend your money or time on senseless or unnecessary stuffs.

5. Move closer to God

Remember, with God, all things are possible.

Be prayerful, be a prayer warrior, be fit spiritually.

I hope my message was conveyed well.

Kindly share to your love ones let them be motivated as well.

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