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Check Out This Military Trick That Can Be Of Great Help To You As A Civilian

This Army trick is called the "ALERT CHAIR". Its purpose is to help soldiers to get battle-ready quickly and in complete darkness.

In civilian life, it can be very useful because so many of us likes to sleep longer in the morning or for the ones that might be suddenly called to work, like doctors, drivers, firemen, lawyers, sportsmen ( in case of road-work excercises) and even street hustlers.

The idea is you will prepare your "alert chair" in the evening. Take a normal chair and put all the things you want to wear the next morning on it, in the reverse order(i.e the one you will wear first should be the last to put on the chair).

So when you get up that early hour of the morning, you just go to your chair and start picking up the clothes from the chair and quickly put them on in the right order.

No more searching for your socks or mobile phone charger in the dark, no waking up of your spouse, children or siblings to help you search for things.

When you practice the alert chair thing a few times during the daytime and always put your stuff at the same place, It will save you valuable time, and also help you to be punctual at every occasion.

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