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Turmeric Benefits For The Elderly Ones

Turmeric is a rhizome almost similar to ginger but is of a different colour and of different taste from ginger. The pulp of turmeric is orange in colour while that of ginger is cream colour.

Source: The Spruce Eats

It is used in preparation of several dishes and it's colour has made it quite advantageous in colorizing foods instead of using artificial colours.

Among all these, turmeric is blessed with an active nutrient known as curcumin and this nutrient is a very strong anti-inflammatory substance. For this reason, turmeric, shall be helpful to elders in ways such as:

1. Relief from arthritis symptoms

Arthritis is a disease more peculiar with elderly people than the young ones. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the joint spaces making movements of such a joint very difficult and painful.

The curcumin which is effective in helping curb inflammatory processes can be really helpful in bringing a significant improvement to this condition.

2. Can help prevent heart diseases

Most heart diseases as well as strokes are caused as a result of high blood cholesterol levels. 

When the blood cholesterol levels are too high, atimes it would result to a extent where fats start to deposit on the walls of the arteries. This is a medical condition known as atherosclerosis.

When ignored, arteries can get blocked completely resulting to issues such as myocardial infarction, this would happen when a muscle of the heart dies as a result of starvation from oxygen and nutrients following a blockage of the artery supplying it.

Stroke would as well occur when the arterial blockage affects an artery supplying blood to the brain.

Turmeric can help keep the blood cholesterol levels in check due to the action of it's active nutrient, curcumin.

Ways to consume turmeric can include boiling it in the form of a tea, adding it in your foods etc.

Source: Healthline

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