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5 Tips You Should Follow To Protect Your Muscles, Bones And Joints As You Age.

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Diabetes, dementia (memory loss), depression, arthritis, and impaired vision are all common in the elderly. Many elderly also suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections and falls, which impair their functioning abilities. The key to living life to the fullest is to take proactive efforts toward good aging.

1. Always Stay Active.

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Get up and move around, even if it's at your own pace. Engage in important daily and leisure chores, and strive to finish them on your own as often as feasible. If there are restrictions in the same, therapists may provide adaptive or compensatory measures.

2. Exercise Daily.

Walking for 30 minutes outside every day is one of the most beneficial activities for the body.

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Warm-up exercises help to lubricate and prepare the joints for movement. To keep your bones strong, do some weight-bearing activities like wall push-ups or chair sit-ups.

3. Perform Mental Exercise.

While most of us exercise our bodies, only a small percentage of us actually exercise our minds. There are a plethora of options available. I will list a few entertaining methods to get started.

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While walking, count backwards from a hundred or conduct mental computations. Many brain cells are activated by music, so listen to some music and attempt to remember the lyrics or words or predict the tune in your head or you play a game of scrabble or a similar word game.

4. Relax and Sleep

We are all aware of the importance of leading an active lifestyle. However, it's just as vital to calm your mind as it is to relax your body. To relax, do some deep breathing exercises every day. Get enough rest, stick to a regular sleep schedule, and get a good night's sleep.

5. Change Your Way of Life.

Make some healthy dietary adjustments. Some elders drink less water on purpose to avoid frequent toilet visits or unpleasant circumstances caused by leakage. However, contrary to popular belief, drinking enough water (only if otherwise not contraindicated) can help with hydration and lower the risk of urinary tract infections.

Limit salt and sugar intake, as well as smoking and alcohol consumption. Their use will only accelerate the physical and mental aspects of functional decline.

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