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10 Early Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer Men Often Ignore

Prostate cancer can be described as one of the common health challenge faced by the male gender which is marked by an uncontrolled, malignant growth of cells in the prostate gland. The early signs or symptoms of this health challenge that shouldn't be ignored to prevent progression and development of it will be discussed in this article.

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Early Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer:

1 Blood in the urine.

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2 Inability to urinate while standing as a result of pelvic pain.

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3 Chronic burning sensation while urinating.

4 Inability to control the urine.

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5 Frequent urination: this occurs when the prostate is enlarged as a result of malignant tumor.

6 Dribbling or weak flow of urine.

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7 Erectile dysfunction

8 Holding back urine

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9 Seminal fluid with blood.

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10 Pain in the bones

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Contact or visit the clinic if you are experiencing any of the signs above.


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