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Body Parts You Will Feel Pain If You Have Hypertension

According to Healthline, hypertension which is also called high blood pressure, is a medical condition where your blood pressure is consistently elevated above normal levels. It has caused damage such as heart disease, stroke, or kidney failure to some people even without symptoms. However, in some cases, people with hypertension may experience some symptoms, including pain in some parts of their body. These are some body parts you may feel pain if you have hypertension.

High blood pressure may cause headaches, particularly in the back of your head and neck. These headaches can be severe and throbbing, and they may last for many hours.

Chest pain can be a sign of hypertension-related heart disease, including angina or heart attack. This pain may feel like a pressure or fullness in your chest, and it may spread to the neck, jaw, and arms.

Hypertension can lead to vision problems, such as blurred vision or even temporary loss of vision. It can cause eye pain, especially behind your eyes. High blood pressure can damage your kidneys, leading to chronic kidney disease. You may experience pain in the back or side, or you may see changes in your urine, such as blood.

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