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6 Reasons Why Men Should Consider Consuming Garlic And Honey Regularly

Garlic and honey have many proven medical and health benefits. You can enjoy their beneficial properties by using them alone or together. These ingredients can be taken as medicinal supplements, or added to recipes in their natural form.

1. Boosts testosterone

These ingredients have long been used by naturopaths to address many male-related ailments. Studies have confirmed their restorative and proliferative effects on testosterone levels.

2. Treats erectile dysfunction

Because it boosts testosterone, taking honey with garlic can also treat erectile dysfunction. Apart from hormones, they improve blood circulation in the body. This effect is caused by compounds that help relax arteries and blood vessels which directly affect penile function.

3. Improves fertility

Taking garlic and honey improves male fertility because it boosts testosterone, treats erectile dysfunction, and helps increase sperm count. This happens due to their potent antioxidant effect.

4. Supports prostate health

The testosterone-increasing abilities combined with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of honey and garlic make it an incredible concoction for supporting prostate health and reducing the risk for prostate cancer.

Garlic alone can address male malignancies including prostate cancer and adding honey makes it incredibly potent

5. Helps treat hypertension

Hypertension is more prevalent in males than in females. While the reasons behind that are not yet known, what is clear is that taking garlic and honey can help men lower their blood pressure.

6. Helps prevent stroke

Garlic and honey can help lower your risk of stroke. Although this has long been known in natural medicine it is also supported by a scientific study.


Combining garlic and honey is easy enough to do, you can pour honey over cloves of raw garlic and let it sit before consuming it. You can also take it or dilute it by boiling the garlic, adding honey, and drinking it like tea. No matter your preference for taking it, consuming garlic and honey will give you plenty of health advantages as a man.

Source: Healthline

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