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My Epileptic Lover. 😭😭😭😭😭

Hey, 😔 It's been two years. Been calling you for months but not a single day did you pick. No reply to My various letters sent to you. 😢

Had a bit of luck yesterday when your mom picked up your call...

She said you were sick. So sick that you hardly recognise anyone..

My body shivered when I heard that.

I wondered if you would recognize a wicked soul like me. 👉

Am I a stranger to your world now? Have you really forgotten the past? Do you remember all that happened between us or are they gone with your memory...?

I really hope you would forget everything so that this guilt will be lifted off me...

At least I could live thinking that you know nothing and I did nothing. But my conscience.. 😔..

I need to help you gain back your memory.

I'm not there with you but I hope this letter will help..


Do you remember how we meet? ☺

Back in high school when I do always save you from being bullied.. 💪.

I hated the sight of people mocking you. Making you feel like you were not part of this world. I saw in you a broken girl who was so helpless.

I saw how you cried 😢 daily because no one seems to want you as a friend.. They wouldn't even come closer.. You were treated like a disease that could kill the soul.  Even the teachers did not stop mocking you.. I remember one who said ' Give that book to that Epileptic girl. 👉

That statement really broke my heart. That day, I made up my mind to be your one and only true friend..

One day, with a smiling face I walked up to you, you were so shocked. Then I said, 'Hi Angel, you ran away with tears on your face..

I tried again the second day, this time you waited, you even smiled.. ☺... Wow! You had the best smile on earth. I gained your trust, we became so close.

I told myself I was going to stay with you till the end no matter what happens 👉

 😔 Friends wouldn't relate with me anymore, my family told me to stay away from you, that I could get infected.

My heart became so weak. Your attack (sickness) also became worse at that moment. You became a big burden to bear.

I was at a cross road. 😢

When your family gave up on you, my heart collapsed... Then I realized I no longer have right to keep holding on to you.

My strength were gone. 😢 👉

 Still trying to get my thoughts straight, I kept on visiting you. Maybe because you were still in my heart, maybe because I knew you had no one, maybe out of pity, maybe because I did not want to look like a bad person...

You always seem to be the happiest person on earth whenever you set your eyes on me. I was your only true family.. You cherished me like a god,

You once said I was the god you knew, though I corrected that statement telling you there was a God who created us. You wouldn't agree... With all these, I knew I couldn't just leave you all to yourself.. 👉

 The event that happened on my last visit is a memory I will take to my grave. It was a silent evening. No one was home with you,

As usual, they left you alone to tend to yourself.

We had our chitchat like we always do.

Trying to make you smile and laugh with sweet words and stories that would melt your heart.

You kept on smiling and laughing out so loud. You were so happy, the happiness was real. Then you whispered something 😳😳😳👉

 You whispered 'I Love you'

It was a normal word you usually say to me whenever we were together. But this time, it was different.

A slug of emotion ran through me. I felt the connection between us.

You drew closer and held my hands. Then again, you whispered ' 👉 you whispered 'Kiss me'

My response to that didn't matter.

You laid your lips 💋 on mine.

I was so shocked and I wanted to step back but the fire had been lightened. We got into a passionate kiss. It was deep. The desire was so hot. We wanted more.. What you said next was a bomb, '👉

 'You can have me, please take my body'😳😳😳

My body was to weak to resist what you wanted.

I gave in...

Virginity broken..

Pride taken..

Desire satisfied.. It was a quick one. 😢

On the verge of completing another round.. 🧐

Something happened.... 👉 You had another attack. This time it was so much, haven't seen anything like that.. It was so worse. I was terrified.

I withdrew from you, 😢

Picked up my shirt,

And took to my heels.

Not to get help 😢

But to get out of your life.

It was over.. 😭😭😭😭😭

I left you naked fighting for your life.


My world stopped when Mum told me you have a child and No one seems to know who is responsible cause you wouldn't talk. 😢 My sins are unforgivable.

I was suppose to be your guarding Angel but I lost my way with you becoming a guarding demon..



Note: This story is a fiction.......

Note: Epilepsy is being painted as a highly contagious disease. It is said to spread through saliva, urine, blood, and even faeces.

That's all a lie... Epilepsy is not contagious (you can't catch it from someone who has it). It's not passed down through families (inherited) in the same way that blue eyes or brown hair are. But someone who has a close relative with epilepsy has a slightly higher risk for it than somebody with no family history of seizures.

Epileptic seizure first aid Treatment

  • Stay calm and remain with the person.
  • If they have food or fluid in their mouth, roll them onto their side immediately.
  • Keep them safe and protect them from injury.
  • Place something soft under their head and loosen any tight clothing.
  • Reassure the person until they recover.

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