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Best Foods To Eat At Night Before Going To Bed

Dinner can be described as the last meal of the day eaten before bedtime. To promote a healthy weight and quality night rest, you are advised to eat your dinner 2 - 3 hours before bedtime. Certain foods can help you fall asleep easily due to their calming and sleep inducing effects. The best foods to eat at night before going to bed will be discussed in this article.

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Best Foods To Eat At Night:

1 Spinach: it contains glutamine which stimulates the body and expels toxins that lead to insomnia.

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2 White rice: eating rice before bedtime helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

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3 Banana: it's a great source of magnesium and potassium which helps to relax the muscles.

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4 Sweet potato: it contains vitamin B6 which is effective in boosting mood and stimulating melatonin which helps you to feel relaxed and sleepy.

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5 Fatty fish: contains major nutrients needed for the regulation of serotonin and sleep.

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6 Kiwi: it is an excellent source of folate which helps to fight sleeplessness.

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7 Almonds, cherry, cereal with skim milk, turkey etc.

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