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3 Things Women Do That May Harm Them And Their Body

There are many thing that women do these days which could be hazardous to their health. These things are very common and many women might not know the health hazards these things pose.

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Here are 3 Things that women do that might be harmful to them

1. Douching.

Douching simply means washing the internal parts of your private organ and this can be done by using some designated products. In as much as it is necessary to keep the private part clean, douching is not needed because the private organ is self cleansing. It is just like hiring someone to do a job that is already done.

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Asides this, douching can be hazardous because it can alter the pH level of the private area and this could cause infections. The only part of the private organ that requires cleaning is the outer part and this can be done with mild soap and water.

2. Painting the nails.

Painting the nails might be seen as a form of self expression, although hiding behind those glossy nail polishes is a harmful mix of toxic chemicals.

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Modern research has confirmed that the harmful chemicals from nail polish can be absorbed into the blood stream within 15 hours of application and can potentially cause damage.

3. Using hair removal creams.

Hair removal creams are popularly used by women mainly because they provide a painless experience, they're affordable, they remove hair fast and they're convenient to use.

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However, these creams can be harmful because they contain harsh chemicals which can cause irritation, discomfort and also darken your skin. The chemicals in these creams are so strong that they can dissolve and remove the hair in just three minutes. Some healthier alternatives are: Waxing, epilation or using razors.

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