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What boys and men should know about menstruation and why it matters

In most countries, menstruation, sanitary napkins, and anything else linked to periods are still taboo subjects. I spoke with doctors about how males in the United States are seldom fully informed about menstruation. No, I don't mean that guys should be forced to sit across from each other and be taught that periods are natural (though that is a good idea!), but rather that men should be informed on why this occurs, so that menstruation myths can be dispelled!

Here's why it's important to men:

Compassion - Boys should have a good understanding of menstruation (menstrual cycle). They should be aware of what a menstruation entails and that it is neither disgusting nor filthy. Every boy will interact with someone in her period at a certain point, coping with cramps, headaches, belly pain, and so on, and if he has proper knowledge, he could be understanding. There are a lot of harmful, dangerous, or just plain annoying myths about menstruation.

Periods are seen to be fundamentally filthy and unclean, which is untrue and generates shame around something that is totally natural. It is a common misconception that Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) causes women to become overly emotional, making them incapable of making sound decisions or being trusted in positions of leadership. This is not the case. Oh yeah, we all know how disgusting it is to think about blood flowing out of our vaginal openings, but believe me when I say that the pain we experience is even worse!

Stigma - It is critical for boys to learn about the menstrual period through appropriate means. They must be educated on the subject because if they are clueless or learn about it from other sources, they will stigmatize and mock girls and women. When a result, they must be aware that this is a common occurrence in every female as she enters puberty.

Boys will be more comfortable discussing about periods with their peers if they are taught about periods at home and in school. It will decrease the number of insensitive, hurtful remarks made about girls on their periods. Teach boys about menstruation, because there's no reason they shouldn't be aware of a phenomenon that affects half of the population every month.

It is entirely scientific - There are so many ideas floating about that we forget that mensuration is the most scientific principle the human body has ever encountered. Boys and men will be more sensitive towards women if they have a better knowledge of their moods and mindset as they go through their menstrual cycle.

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