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Basic Necessity Of A Family

Every family has some basic needs. These are food, water, clothing, housing, health care and qualitative education.

A family needs food. When family members eat well prepared diets, they grow stronger and healthy. Food provides the energy needed to carry out its daily activities. Anyone who eats eats well will always have a sound mind.

Water is used for so many things. First and foremost, we need clean water for drinking. Water is also needed for cooking, taking bat, doing our laundry and other house chores. Clothing is also essential. Clothes keep our body warm or cold and protect us from dust and germs in the dry season.

Housing provides shelters for a family. Having a roof over one's head is a necessity. Our bodies will need to be well taken care, a family needs access to good health care services. Every family member has to be well treated by trained professionals when the need arises.

Education nurtures the mind and the brain. A family should ensure that the members get a qualitative education. Makes them better and more productive.

Having these needs met creates a healthy body and soul for every member of the family.

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