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Childbirth is Not The Most Painful Thing, See The Most Painful Experience On Earth.

There is always this one thing that almost all women believe and this is; childbirth is the most painful thing in the world and the most painful thing a human can experience. The reason for this believe has been solidly backed up by TV shows and movies which portray childbirth as the most painful expert a human could encounter and also uses childbirth as a yardstick to express the degree of pains.

It is worthy to note that everyone experiences pains differently. What might be more painful for Mrs. A may not be for Mrs. B.

In our contemporary world, there are still some experiences that many speculate could be more painful than childbirth. Some of these are; fracture, particularly compound fracture of the femur, kidney stones, gall stones, bladder infection, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), root canal and induced labour. All these have been compared with and said to be worse than childbirth.

However, the above experiences are not what worth comparing to childbirth. There is a particular painful experience that stands out and is undisputably more painful relative to childbirth. This experience is "being burnt alive."

The most painful way of suicide is death by burning. When a person is been burnt alive, he experiences the greatest pains at the beginning before which the flames burn the nerves. When these nerves have been burnt out, the burnt skin doesn't hurt anymore. Many of the victims die due to suffocation as a result of the blaze which damages the lungs.

Whenever you get yourself on the verge of thinking that childbirth is the most painful thing humans go through, try to think in this manner; the pain experienced during labour is transient, and does not last for days and is as well intermittent. Childbirth is foreseeable compared to gallstones and kidney stones and as we all know, the results of childbirth is usually appreciable and not negligible and brings much happiness when compared to being burnt alive.

Your ideas and opinions are really needed here. Do you agree with me that being burnt alive is more painful than childbirth?

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