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Essential tips on how to manage Type 2 Diabetes

Having the saddening knowledge of being diagnosed with one of the dreaded diseases that has ever inflicted man is something almost everyone wants to avoid. 

Diabetes occurs when the Pancreas is diseased or when the insulin produced by the bile is not used appropriately by the body or it is insufficient. This is when you hear stories like one has high blood sugar or low blood sugar levels.

Anyone who might have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 Diabetes, stands a very high risk of developing severe health problems like kidney failure, and heart related diseases. 

Most of the time, coming to the realization that one has limited time to live due to ones essential organs not fuctioning the way they have to, would leave anyone demoralized and also live with some kind of stigma from those around them.

 But, hey, no matter what the life threatening sickness or disease might be, if some certain steps, are taken and keenly adhered to, who says one cannot beat any life threatening sickness? 

Hence, below are some six very essential factors to adhere to and keenly follow inorder to curtail type 2 Diabetes, and prolong one's life to a great extent.

1. Doctors would always advise the change of diet.

Since the root or the source of Diabetes has to do with how low or high the glucose in our bodies are. It's very paramount that, as a diabetic patient you endeavour, to reduce some certain things you eat. Ehich increases your blood pressure, or make you have high cholesterol levels, and your sugar level. 

Doctors would often advise you eat foods that are highly rich in vegetables, fruits, healthy vegetable fats, healthy starch, and proteins. And would strongly advise, you should elimate high intake of salt, fat, sugar, etc from your diet.

And would also ensure and advise that, you eat whole grain foods, more of poultry foods, strongly avoid sugary drinks and processed juice.  

2. Exercising more.

In this part of the world, most folks would say going out and coming in each day is exercise on its own. But honestly, that's not it. A good exercise requires you either running or jogging or doing other strenuous exercises that's would make you sweat excessively.

 Hence, if one has been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, it's paramount one does a very strenuous exercise so that the heart will pump out more blood, the veins and Arteries will be at work carrying blood round the body and flushing out any blockages. 

This way you sweat out the unwanted toxic materials from your body. And in no time, you become fit and hearty. This can be done at least 2/3 times of the week mostly in the evenings. Even if it's for an hour or two, it will go a long way in keeping your glucose levels under control.

3. Keep your blood sugar level under control.

Remember as stated above, diabetes occurs when your blood sugar level is either too high or very very low or not balanced in anyway.

Which could be due to unbalanced levels of blood pressure, and cholesterol. Hence, it's of utmost importance to always keep your blood sugar level, your blood pressure level, your cholesterol levels in check.

This can be done by always going to the hospital for a routine checkup. Or you could get the kits of blood pressure, and the likes to check each blood levels from a good renound pharmaceutical store.

4. Keeping your stress level under control.

Stress comes in different ways. Which could range from work stress, academic stress, environmental stress, spouse stress, children stress etc. 

When the stress level is not accurately managed, it could lead to high blood pressure. This can skyrocket the risk of heart related diseases by 60% if not well managed.

 Hence, it's very paramount, as a diabetic patient, to always endeavour to try your possible best, to put under control how you manage your stress levels. 

Also try as much as possible to avoid anything or anyone who make you anxious and always agitated.

5. Quite the habit of Smoking.

Smoking is very very harmful to the general well-being of an individual. This is because the habit of smoking done over the years, causes so many harmful effects to the important organs of the body. 

These damages are even worse if one has been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes yet still smokes. The smoke gradually damages the heart and blocks the blood vessels and other oragans like the lungs.

If not stopped, it could also lead to more servere damages like kidney diseases, sight impairment, etc. 

6. Endeavour to have a routine check-up with your doctor as often as you can.

In this part of the world, the only time most folks endeavour to see a doctor is when their Medical illness has worsen to the point of no hope. This should STOP! 

Hence, if you're diabetic, endeavour to see a doctor at least every 3/6months interval. Inorder to check your sugar level, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

 That way you'd know if you're doing well, or there are things you are still not doing right, and ways to stop doing them.

Diabetes has sent a lot of folks to their early grave. Perhaps they didn't know they had it, and continued with their reckless lifestyle. It's even worse that, it's no respecter of age. Even a child, of 10years old could have pre-diabetes symptoms. Hence, it's very important to watch what we eat always.

If you might already have a knowledge about yours, it's important you control it on time and manage it by following the few steps above, coupled with others your medical practitioner might advise you to adhere to. Be sure to follow them for your own Well-being.

Hope you've been blessed by this? 

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Thanks for reading.

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Type 2 Diabetes


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